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About Us

Committed to Excellence

With over 30 years of experience in all corners of the hospitality industry we have a wealth of knowledge and insight to share with our clients.  We've owned & operated nationally recognised fresh food restaurants. 

We’ve been there and done it and then some. Never shy of taking on something new or different ,we have an entrepreneurial spirit and we relish a challenge.


Catered for Private and outside events for up to 300 people banquet style. 

 We're also qualified Chefs with a vast experience of menu design ,

planning , pricing and presentation.

Here’s a flavour of our catering experience to give you an idea of our skillset.


Fine Dining Restaurants featuring in the Michelin & AA Guide

Casual Dining, Pizzeria, Tapas, Pub Food

Wedding & Special Event Space

Takeaway and packaged food experience

Late Night Entertainment Including Live Music & DJ's

Club Night Concept

Festival & Outside Catering

Venue Concept Design & Launch

Food & Drink Menu Design

Advertising, Marketing & Social Media

Brand Creation

Operational Controls

Purchasing & Group Buying




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